Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Back to reality

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break.

Our relaxing long weekend was quite successful, but today life had to restart. Hubby went back to work, I took son 2 to playscheme and did a Tesco shop, then even tackled some of the ironing mountain.

I'm stressing a bit about my next OU assignment which is nearly due and yet again I am way behind with my reading. I keep saying to myself that I will give up the course, then I stop and think that actually my marks for the first two assignments have been pretty good. Just two more assignments and an exam (argh!) to go, it will all be over by mid July. Having got so far it would be a shame to give up. But then again, I also have lots of paid work to do between now and July. Ho hum.


Anne Brooke said...

Do not stress it, Cathy, and do not give up! We're all right behind you shouting encouragement. Just do a bit at a time of the reading whenever you can and scribble some notes here and there. Then if you can carve out some time with the help of hubby to start on the writing up - even half an hour is great! - you'll feel better about it.

These things always happen in stages - have faith in yourself!



Lisa Clark said...

Hey Cathy - just found you from reading your comment over at Keris's blog - just spent the last half hour reading through your entries - you're a star!

I loved your response to where Keris is at.

I'm a life coach and a writer girl - yet, I still have moments of struggle too where I ask myself those questions, so it was nice to read your fabulous perspective.

Now it's my turn to get all life-coachy on you and tell you not to try and eat the elephant! Break it down, read a little, have fun a little, work a little - teeny, tiny steps will mean that everything gets done and won't get so stressy headed, I promise!

Big love and glitter-filled hugs!

Lisa x

Cathy said...

Thanks, both of you....and welcome Lisa!

You are both right, I do have a habit of taking on too much and then panicking about my time management whilst wasting away hours on the internet...! Tiny steps, that will be my new mantra I think.