Friday, May 14, 2010

Ankles and awesomeness

I had to see a physiotherapist at the hospital yesterday. Now I thought I knew our local hospital quite well, both boys were born there and have been inpatients at one time or another, as have I. But yesterday I discovered a whole new area, a long corridor dedicated to adult therapy services, and found myself in a huge gym for an assessment of the ankle pain and spasms I've been suffering. I didn't get any real answers, but as it seems to be getting better on its own I'm not so bothered, and I'm being given exercises to do at home to strengthen my muscles.

Afterwards I popped into the new hospital branch of Costa for a reviving coffee and browsed the magazines and paperbacks in WH Smith before heading for home. It never ceases to amaze me how a large hospital is almost like a small town, with places to eat, things to buy and even a hairdresser. I've probably told you before that allegedly an old lady once dialled 999 to get a lift to a hair appointment there?

Earlier this week I was given the awesomesauce blog award above by Clarissa Draper. I think I'm supposed to pass it on to five of you, but as so many of my readers write awesome blogs, I really can't make a decision. So I'm going to cheat and tell all you awesome bloggers to help yourselves!


DJ Kirkby said...

I'm glad you managed to make the most out of your hospital visit and that you've got some exercises to do at home too.

Unknown said...

Glad you like your award. That's funny about the woman and her hair appointment.
Ah, now that you've mentioned Costas, I need to go get myself a cup of coffee.

Cathy said...

DJ - thank you.

Clarissa - I love the award and it's now in my blog sidebar for posterity:)

Kat W said...

Muscle spasms are the pits & can be very painful & tiring - you have my sympathies. Glad that you're improving which is fab news.

Oh I wish we lived closer & could meet for a spot of writing in a Costa coffee - but not a hospital one, perhaps a Costa in a book shop would be better :-)

Take care of you
Kat X

Cathy said...

Now that really would be lovely, Kat. You take care too,