Monday, May 24, 2010


I use iGoogle as the homepage on my laptop and amongst my calendar, email and various links and feeds I have a couple of gadgets which provide daily inspirational quotes for writers.

But at the top of the page the words which inspire me most are a constant. Written on a 'sticky note' gadget the first words I see each morning are 'writers...write!'. I've already blogged about the significance of those words here and I can truly say that they motivated me to complete my novel.

This weekend I added another word beneath them.


Because that is what I have to do now.


Anonymous said...

It definitely is; very true term of phrase.

CJ xx

Chris Stovell said...

Yes, we must keep going for Lisa. Well said and good luck with the writing.

Bluestocking Mum said...

That is so true.

Keeping going, even when the worry worm gets into your head.

Best of luck with progressing your novel now.

warm wishes

Queenie said...

Yes, that is what you have to do. And carry on writing, of course. It's the best method of keeping any submission-related angst at bay.

Marcie Steele said...

Isn't it amazing, we still remember those words. Lisa would be so proud of us, she left us with memories as well a great quote.

Nice post honey x

Cathy said...

Aw, thanks everyone :)

Queenie, I'm already planning and researching novel 2 as a distraction.

L-Plate - yes, Lisa had a bigger impact than she could ever have imagined. I think her words resonated with so many, especially those of us who are prone to procrastination, unlike you!

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh I loved reading the words in this post! All so true. Good luck.

Sue Guiney said...

Absolutely, Cathy. Well said.

Kat W said...

This is great advice. I may create an art journal page on the quote "writers...write". I wrote on my blog yesterday how my writing plans were sabotaged by fear - so I shall I'll also be adding the word "believe". Thanks for the encouragement & focus for my day!
Kat X