Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My celebrity lookalike

You know that celebrity doppelganger thing that is going around Facebook this week? Well I can't be bothered to change my picture there so I thought I'd put mine on here instead, for posterity.

Yes it's Sigourney Weaver, more specifically, Sigourney Weaver as she was in the late 1980's (think Gorillas in the Mist and Working Girl).

Now it is a little known fact that Hubby has always had a thing about Sigourney Weaver. So guess when we got married? Yep, 1988.

Shame that it didn't work both ways, I'd have loved to marry a George Clooney (or back then Harrison Ford) look alike...


Beth said...

oh, yes, i can see that!
and i LOVE sigourney weaver.
and my hubby has said i look like her too. and he loves her too :)

good looky likey :)

Cathy said...

B, I can see your likeness to her too, though I'm closer in colouring! And another hubby who loves Sigourney...


Anonymous said...

Ah but I expect your husband things he is a George Clooney lookalike?!! I enjoyed Working Girl, watched it so many times.

CJ xx

Cathy said...

CJ, I think he's realistic enough to know he isn't :)
We loved Working Girl too, with Sigourney and Harrison in it couldn't fail to please us both!