Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Should have kept my mouth shut

Right, so my post yesterday jinxed the weather and now we are back to this.

No school transport, cars sliding in the road outside, the garden inches deep in the white stuff again.

I had a good writing day yesterday, but after writing 500 words early this morning I have reached something of a standstill. I need my characters to tell me what they do next, so I can rejoin the race towards the finish line.


Kate Harrison said...

Uh oh. I can't believe the snow keeps coming like that.

I get that feeling, too, where the characters seem strangely immobile and I don't know where to put them next. Maybe you could throw in something weather-related to scupper them in some way!?

Cathy said...

Funny you should say that Kate, I did insert a snow scene a couple of days ago!