Monday, January 04, 2010

Another goal

There was a third goal I should have added to my last post. Sort out my online presence.

I know I've not been the best blogger in the last couple of years, though I think I did a little better in December. I want to get back to posting several times a week as I used to and finding those entertaining videos, pictures and links again. I need to prune my blog roll, as I know some of the blogs are now dormant and I want to make room for more recent favourites. So if you find your blog disappears from my list, I do apologise, though I will be adding all those I remove to my Google Reader, just in case.

Then there is my website, where I have a page headed links, which is 'coming soon'. I want to put up links to a few websites and blogs which I have found particularly useful in my journey as a writer so far. First I have to choose which, of the many I have bookmarked, to include.

Finally, I need to be a little more proactive on Twitter and Facebook. You know, actually post updates rather than just popping in to read about what everyone else is doing. Of course to make my updates interesting, I may just need to get a life...

Hmm, I think all that should keep me busy this week while I'm plotting the final section of my novel.

(PS Have you seen my word count meter in the side bar. It now says 87%!)


Jenny Beattie said...

87%? Brilliant. Keep at it... not too much FBing and Twittering Cathy!

Cathy said...

I know JJ, I had a fabulous run of writing last week. Just need to sort the final section out in my head now, though I do know how it will end.

Caroline said...

87% - you star! :)

Chris Stovell said...

Well done on that word count!

Cathy said...

Thank you Chris :)