Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The mysteries of MS

So I knew that for many people MS symptoms increase in heat. Warm weather and even a hot bath can leave an MS sufferer feeling worse. My own symptoms, even prior to diagnosis, have had a pattern of appearing in the summer months.

I was looking forward to the winter and hopefully some good health. I was pleased with my progress. Over the last few weeks I have been getting stronger and stronger, able to increase the distance I walk and not even needing my stick.

Then the snow arrived. Now my legs feel stiff and heavy, my back hurts and even my painkillers aren't providing relief. I can only walk a very short distance. Could this be the MS?

A quick investigation on Google shows that a minority of people with MS are affected by cold weather. It appears I may be one of them. Bugger.

In other news, son 2 is at home, on what should have been his final day of term, as the council has suspended transport. He is not impressed. But I would rather he was here than out on dangerously icy roads. How is it that Scandinavia and even Scotland can deal with snow and ice, while the South East grinds to a halt?


Kate said...

I hope you feel better soon. I sympathise about the travel - London yesterday and today was chaos

Kate xx

Cathy said...

Thanks Kate. We were just saying that we were glad we don't have to travel into London any more!

Beth said...

Well, how often does the South East usually get significant snowfall? It might have happened twice this year, but I'll bet that's unusual. Scotland (and north east england) expect it more, so things don't tend to stop. except for those who live in Consett, County Durham, which has its own microclimate. If there's one snowflake in Newcastle, you can bet there's six feet of snow there.

Anyway, and far more importantly, I hope the MS symptoms, if such they are, ease up soon. Have a great Christmas!

Cathy said...

We do seem to be getting significant snow more often, B, though I appreciate that significant to us would not be to you hardy Northerners. It's just pathetic how everything has a tendency to grind to a halt...though to be fair our council has kept all the main roads running well this time. I think the council staff are just extra cautious about transporting people with special needs if there is any hint of risk.

Hope you both have a good Christmas too,

Anne Brooke said...

Sorry to hear this - hope the snowy patch goes soon ...


Cathy said...

Thank you, Anne.