Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas - autism style

Son 2, like many people with autism, finds Christmas difficult. There are too many changes to routine, both at school and at home. People insist on altering familiar environments by putting up decorations. Receiving presents is confusing. The only interesting part of Christmas Day is the dinner.

This year, because Hubby is at home, our meagre decorations were put up at the start of December. The little fibre optic tree, purchased a few years ago with son 2 in mind, was installed in the lounge. But as soon as we tried to switch it on, son 2 threw a wobbly and insisted we unplug it. So it stayed dim in the corner while he got used to the idea.

On Sunday evening son 2 finally went over to the tree and plugged it in. Last evening he did the same. At this rate it might even be twinkling for the whole of Christmas Day...


Anonymous said...
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Anne Brooke said...

Hope the holidays go well for you all! I can sympathise with the disliking the change in routine thing - I find it very oppressive! Love & hugs & stuff Axxx

Anonymous said...

I know just how you feel. Amy doesn't do surprises so we have to discuss what she's having on Christmas day. She does like all the lights though, which is a good job because this house resembles Santa's grotto.

CJ xx

CC Devine said...

That's a lovely ending. All this upheaval must be very disconcerting for him.

Have a merry Christmas!

Cathy said...

Anne - thanks, hope you have a calm restful Christmas x

CJ - I like the idea of living in Santa's grotto ;)

CC - Thank you. Hope you have a great one too :)