Thursday, April 16, 2009

Substance over style

I was tidying up last Saturday and half watching Britain's got Talent at the same time, when this stopped me in my tracks.

In an age where everyone seems obsessed by appearance and designer goods, it was lovely to see someone turn prejudices upside down and inside out. Susan Boyle has made the news, rocked America and at the time of writing has over 12 million hits on YouTube.

It is too early to predict whether she will win the series but she is already a star and the pound signs were almost visible in Simon Cowell's eyes as he listened. Yes, of course she would benefit from a little makeover, but as an unemployed person she won't have been able to afford to pamper herself in the past. What really counts is that she has personality and huge talent, unlike most of the bland celebrities we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

It made me think about my own friends who, like me, are mostly very ordinary. I realised that the ones I get on with best and to whom I would entrust my children and my life, are those slightly older friends from a 'make-do and mend' generation, who have no interest in fashion fads and can run their households on a tight budget, within their financial means. They might not have designer homes and wardrobes, but they are selfless and freely give their time and energy to help others. They are the ones who have stuck by us during a few very difficult years when others disappeared. One in particular has literally been a lifesaver.

It may be a generational thing, but give me substance over style any day.


HelenMWalters said...

She was certainly an inspiration!

BooksPlease said...

A truly beautiful voice!

Andrea said...

I've only seen brief clips of her performance but what a voice.
Okay this is a gross generalization but I think as a society we've become so used to manufactured music, where it's all about image and looking good rather than actual ability, that we have come to accept mediocre as the norm.
Then somebody like this comes along and reminds us what true talent is and we're all in shock.
Sure she's not young or glamorous but I'd trade watching a bucket load of hot booty for listening to a voice like hers.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Cathy. I didn't see the performance and I'm not a fan of You Tube but I have heard a great deal about it and would be very surprised if she doesn't go on to win. Good luck to her, that's what I say.

CJ xx