Friday, April 10, 2009

Read, read, read

How Publishing Really Works is a blog I always enjoy for its perceptive views on writing and the publishing industry.

Today's post on the importance of reading is spot on. Whilst I do think writing can be taught, at least to an extent, reading widely and in more than one genre is also critical to both new and experienced writers. A taught course or even a how-to book will inevitably reflect the personal views and style of the teacher. However, a depth of reading will introduce writers to a huge array of styles and subject matter, which can improve their own work as they discover what works for them as a reader.

So get books for free in the library, buy them cheaply in a charity shop. Experiment with books you would never normally choose. If you don't like them by all means give up, but not before you've worked out what you don't like. It can only improve your own work.


Sue Guiney said...

I read that blog, too, and I couldn't agree more, Cathy. Thanks.

Anne Brooke said...

Quite right - reading is vital!



Jenny Beattie said...

I like that blog too Cathy, and couldn't agree more with what you're both saying.

I found being a member of a book group the best way to widen my reading. I had something of a reading crisis about four to five years ago. For some months I couldn't find anything I wanted to read (I'd never had that problem before or since) but I cured it by joining a book group. Being prescribed books by other people got me over it. Reading my friends' books too helps... because they're my writing friends and not because the book is my kind of volume.

Jane Smith said...

Cathy, thank you so much for linking to my blog: and I'm very pleased that you liked my post.

(Now go and read something!)