Friday, January 06, 2012

A new writing challenge

There are writing challenges out there at almost any time: NaNoWriMo and Sally Quilford's 100,000 words in 100 days being two recent and current ones. But I'm not a fast writer and have to fit my writing in between so many other commitments that I've never dared tackle a big challenge like that.

I do, however, enjoy the challenge of writing short snippets such as small stones and like to use my writing to support worthy charities. In fact my first publication came in a charity fundraiser as a result of a 300 word blog challenge, Your Messages.

So I was delighted to read that Caroline Smailes has set up a new challenge for 100 word flash pieces to be included in a Kindle book to raise funds for One in Four. The catch is that each piece must be based on, inspired by or linked to a song on YouTube and the closing date is next Wednesday,11th January.

I'll leave Caroline to explain all the rules and the story behind why she has again chosen to support that charity here.

I've already entered, please join me.


Debbie Coope said...

I'm always up for a challenge.

I've made a link to your blog and to the challenge site. I'm going to give it a go.

Good luck Cathy.

Paul said...

Good luck!