Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dropping a ball

Do you ever find you are juggling so many balls that you spend most of your time worrying about which one you are going to drop first?

Well that has been me since Christmas. I've been juggling health issues, first my own and now Son 2's. Small amounts of work, which is currently mostly unpaid but very relevant to other areas of writing I want to develop. Non-fiction writing, just a few small speculative pieces but one of which has been accepted for publication. Further research for novel two, as my ideas take me in new directions. And most importantly trying to accept the need to catch up on sleep in the day sometimes, because I am often up with Son 2 for hours in the night and my body is complaining. I don't like life eating into my writing hours like that, but sometimes it's necessary.

Novel one had been put on the back burner for a short while, but I've finally started to submit again. Unfortunately I accidentally lost the long list of targeted agents I'd prepared last year, and although I can remember some of them, I'm having to research others again. That's not entirely bad as things do change, agents come and go or close their lists. I'm finding new books to which I can compare my writing in my submission letter. I'm feeling positive, but I know I must push on with novel two as a matter of urgency. A two week half term is nearly upon us...


Anonymous said...

Two weeks? Oh no, don't tell me that; I'm sure Amy only has a week off!

You'll get that novel published. I wasn't prepared to wait any longer to publish Discovery at Rosehill and did it myself. It frightened me that I would have to spend the next 18 months or more having it ripped apart by another editor only to find it wasn't the story I'd written in the beginning but that resembling something different that an editor/publisher/agent thought would "fit in".

Good luck and Son2.

CJ xx

Cathy said...

Don't panic, we have two week halfterms in May and October because he only gets four weeks off in the summer. That works well for the more severely autistic.

The submission process is slow because I don't want to send out to too many at once. Actually I enjoy editing so I won't mind rewrites at all!