Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Writing update

Son 2 has been getting up ridiculously early for the last few weeks. Despite our best efforts he is noisy, leaving us all feeling like zombies during the day. Add to this the introduction of my new medication, with a gradual increasing of the dosage, and I've not been feeling at my best.

As a result the total number of words written since the 1st January has been disappointing. But I have made a few submissions, of both the novel and shorter work. I've also clarified an important research point for novel two. It is critical to the plot and the backstory of one character, but I'd originally had difficulty finding the exact information I needed, either in the library or online. In the end I discovered it by entirely chance when I followed a link on a random Tweet. Such is the power of Twitter. I'm pleased that I can now progress without the possibility of a major rewrite of this character hanging over me.

So hopefully onwards and upwards. I promise I'll update the word counter when I stop chopping and changing my opening scenes to get into the characters and settle down to a better writing rhythm.


Anonymous said...

Those rewrites sent me into a panic. I would go to sleep and wake up thinking about it. I started submitted my ms a few weeks ago but haven't had any luck yet.

Hope your son is okay.

CJ xx

Cathy said...

It's a long very slow process, CJ. I need to get the novel back out to more agents, but am taking a short breather at least until half term is over.

And yes, son 2 is fine, thanks. But he's still not sleeping well so my concentration isn't as good as it should be! x