Monday, September 27, 2010

Tip top

Oh my, it's over a week since I posted here.

Last week was consumed by real life stuff of the most boring variety and this week seems to be starting the same way. I'm writing in my head only, but that still counts, doesn't it?

Today I stretched my legs with a little walk to the corner shop, where for once I found myself drawn to Prima magazine rather than the chocolate. Opening it up when I got home, I was delighted to find that they have printed another of my tips, the second since I started submitting them earlier this year.

And if anyone else is magazine buying the current issue of Writers' Forum has a great article about literacy consultancies by lovely Helen Hunt, in which I am quoted on my positive experience with BubbleCow.

I tried to buy a copy of Writers' Forum on Saturday, but the queue for the tills in W.H.Smith was so ridiculously long that I gave up and skimmed through the article in the shop. Sadly they don't sell that magazine in the corner shop, so I'll have to try again in town next weekend.

Edited: I've just realised that Julie Phillips is included in both magazines too. I'd read her blog post but forgotten!


Jenny Beattie said...

Life really can get in the way of writing sometimes can't it? I'm looking forward to seeing Helen's piece in WF.

Cathy said...

Oh it so can JJ. So can computer problems, my laptop is very unhappy at present :(

Anonymous said...

You're sounding really positive, Cathy; and being drawn to the magazine racks is definitely healthier than the chocolate shelves!

CJ xx

Cathy said...

Thanks CJ. I seem to be going of chocolate a little lately, but have developed a Jelly Baby addiction instead :)