Monday, June 14, 2010

Peace at last?

Son 2's half term was only two weeks (yes, I know, he gets just four weeks holiday in the summer) but it seemed endless.

It wasn't that he was particularly difficult, in fact he amused himself very well. But he was LOUD. At almost any time of day he would have the television on at one end of the room and his computer playing video clips, noisily and repetitively, at the other end. He wouldn't let us turn either off, he is indeed Mr Control Freak, and he would also 'shout' loudly and nonverbally over the top, especially if anyone was trying to talk.

I used to be able to switch off from all his noise and let it wash over me, but recently I seem to have lost that ability. Even though my desk is upstairs, the sounds are very disturbing if I leave Hubby in charge and try to work. I did escape to the library one day last week but it was full of toddlers and students on exam leave. So in the end I had to accept that the story I am writing was not going to get done during half term and I just got down to some novel research instead.

The difference today is amazing and although I normally take Son 2's first day back at school off to recover, my concentration is rapidly starting to return. Until, that is, the football is switched on and I have to suffer the drone of the vuvuzelas...


Queenie said...

I say, missus, your blog is looking snazzy and gorgeous! I couldn't work with those noise levels either. Hope you have a good long chunk of quietness now.

Cathy said...

Thanks Queenie.

And now the football is about to start again and Son 1, who doesn't even like football usually, is coming downstairs to watch. Eek.