Wednesday, April 07, 2010

School holiday, week two

This hasn't been a very productive holiday so far. Last week I regularly decamped to Starbucks or the library to escape the noisy chaos at home. I had good intentions of writing, but none actually got done, although I did read a lot and plan a little. I also learnt a lesson about how much I can do at present without exhaustion setting in.

I have subsequently written a womag-style short story from one of those ideas, which I'm quite pleased with, although it still needs some tweaking. I've also been investigating a future direction I might want to explore with my writing.

Actually, perhaps I have done more than I realised...


Queenie said...

Sounds pretty good to me!

Kat W said...

I think you've done plenty. We are on day 6 of school holidays & I am finding I'm getting very little done.

And ah yes...the old pacing to avoid exhaustion thing. We all know it makes sense in our heads to pace but rarely remember to until exhaustion reminds us. Which of course defeats the purpose. I am learning, slowly, kind of...well necessity has meant I've learnt a little through bitter experience!

I'm intrigued about the new writing direction you refer to. Please tell us more!

Cathy said...

Thanks ladies.

Kat - when I got my diagnosis someone passed on advice to try to have a quiet day after a more active one. It seems to work for me, but going out four days in a row, although not very far, was just too much!Pacing is certainly trial and error.

The new direction - well I'm vaguely looking at childrens books as an additional possibility for the future (9-12 yrs). But first I need to see how my adult fiction gets on.

Kat W said...

Yes the pacing thing is trial & error. Always a learning curve.

Children's books sounds good. Have you had a specific idea or ideas that have got you thinking about writing for children?

Cathy said...

No very specific ideas yet and I may not run with it anyway, but am doing some research in the children's section of the library. My boys are teens and like many, don't read :(

Anonymous said...

I get absolutely no writing done when it's holidays. Amy talks constantly and I find it extremely difficult to concentrate. I'm having a few hours to myself today however, as my sister has taken her swimming.

CJ xx

Jenny Beattie said...

Sometimes when we think we're not achieving very much our brain is working away on other things. It sounds like that's been happening to you.

Aren't brains brilliant?

Cathy said...

CJ - hope you enjoyed the peace and quiet.

JJ - I think that is exactly what has happened. I just didn't realise how much I'd actually achieved because I hadn't been sitting at my desk.