Monday, October 12, 2009

Normalising autism

I've just read this article and found myself nodding in agreement.

Autism is certainly much more acknowledged and much more diagnosed than it used to be, but services haven't kept up. We too will be faced with looking for an adult placement for son 2 in the next couple of years, and even now it is hard to see where he will fit in. He is severely autistic, but not as challenging as many and could be very vulnerable amongst bigger, more physical severely autistic adults. Yet at the same time he is nowhere near able enough to be amongst high functioning autistic people.

I'll stick my head back in the sand for another year and hope that services haven't had all their funding cut by the time I pull it back out again...


Casdok said...

Also nods head!
I dont envy you the task (having recently been through it twice). Took me 2 years to find the first place and then it has to go to panel and then you have to get the funding agreed and then you have to hope a place is avaliable! Its all very daunting - so just warning you - but am sure you know!

For future refernece (and maybe somewhere to start from)i worked through this list

Hope it is of help for when you lift your head from the sand :)

Livvy U. said...

Hi Cathy!
Just re-visiting all my old haunts, slowly getting my life and thoughts together and remembering old friends. Do hope you are enjoying life's party.
Livvy x

Cathy said...

Casdok - thank you. I really must set a date to pull my head out (though probably not for a year as he has four years at school yet).

Livvy - lovely to hear from you again! Are you back blogging? Will shoot right over to see.


Andrea said...

I'm right there with you, Cathy.
Due to boy genius having 'challenging' behaviour finding placement is just that little bit harder.
But yesterday I was assured that should I die or be placed into aged care his case will go to the top of the list!
(I so wish I was joking about that.)

Anonymous said...

Head burying happens with me too, I just hope that support continues for all of our children.

CJ xx

Cathy said...

Andrea - and I was hoping my MS might be a bargaining tool!

CJ - me too. But I am fearful in the current economic climate. I know charities I work with are becoming very tightly squeezed.