Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September comes...

The new month begins and school is back tomorrow. It's been a strange holiday as I've not been able to do much due to my MS relapse, which thankfully seems now to have almost resolved. Inspired by his brother, son 2 decided to listen to his mp3 player for the first time ever, which has been a godsend. It's not an iPod but a cheap kids' player I got on eBay, a tiny capacity but seemingly sturdy, which is very important.

I've spent the last two days working. Due to my bad back I should only sit at my desk for short periods of time and by the end of yesterday I was in a lot pain. I've no idea whether the back pain which affects my mobility is part of the MS, but I've decided I must get back to doing yoga regularly, as that used to help a lot.

When I had a gym membership I used to do hatha yoga classes twice a week, with a lovely teacher whose gentle approach was suitable for all. I had to give up my gym membership when I became unable to get there due to family illness and sadly now I can't afford to rejoin. In the past I've bought yoga dvds but found it difficult to practice when it is necessary to look at the screen and so I lazily let my yoga slip. A bad mistake, I fear.

But now I think I've found the answer, yoga mp3s from Yoga2hear, which are also available via Audible. The narrator, Sue Fuller sounds very like my old teacher and the beginner classes I've sampled so far seem to use a similar gentle approach. I'm going to get a few more over the coming months and then I should have enough for a varied home yoga practice. I hope my back appreciates it.


HelenMWalters said...

Sounds like a good idea. Hope it works.

Anne Brooke said...

I agree with Helen (as ever!) - the yoga should be wonderful.

Love & hugs


Anonymous said...

I've never done yoga but would like to try it some time. I hope it starts to help.

CJ xx

Casdok said...

Sounds just what i need for my leg!
Hope all goes well for back to school.

Cathy said...

As a footnote, I discussed my intentions with the GP yesterday. She said she was happy for me to do very gentle yoga at home for my back, but only because I had attended lots of lessons in the past. She wouldn't recommend home yoga for a complete novice.