Sunday, March 22, 2009

On Mother's Day...

RIP Jade Goody.

I've never been a fan, but no one deserves to die of cancer at the age of 27. And no children should lose their mother at such a tender age, especially not on Mother's Day. In her last days Jade used her 'celebrity' status to provide for their future and no one can blame her for that. She showed an unexpected dignity to put OK Magazine to shame and has left the legacy of an increased awareness of cervical cancer in young women. Hopefully she will be remembered for that and her courage in tackling the illness, rather than some of the less savoury episodes in her life.

To Julie Myerson I would like to say that many teenagers are confused, lazy and have habits we would rather not know about. Some may even have more deep-rooted problems which need appropriate specialist intervention. With the right support, however, even the most troubled can turn their lives around successfully, but the impetus to start this process has to come from them. The path they choose to move forward on may not be the one we would have chosen but it doesn't necessarily make it wrong.

Tough love is not always the best approach, especially with a child who is legally a minor. Washing dirty linen in public is definitely not. It might have been better to wait and fictionalise the experience when it is all less raw. I hope you have a second chance, though if this is correct, it would seem unlikely.


Anne Brooke said...

Yes, I'm sorry to hear about Jade. So very very young. Horrible. And lordy that Myerson fiasco rumbles on, sigh ...



Beth said...

Me too. I'm surprised by quite how sad I am about the whole thing. Maybe it's because... in her last days she really seemed to grow up and discover what was important. But the media were still their usual reprehensible selves.

I hope her kids are OK and don't get shit, scuse my french, for being her kids.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Cathy. Jade wasn't the most popular girl in town but she has won the hearts of a lot of people who once would have turned their backs.

CJ xx