Thursday, September 18, 2008

A new autism blog

Well, new to me anyway.

Yesterday I discovered Living not Drowning, quite by chance. I happen to know lovely Karen and her two beautiful children, but I had no idea she was also a blogger. Reading her blog took me back to how it was for us ten years ago, how stressful it was finding a school placement for son 2 and just dealing with life in general. It also made me appreciate how much easier son 2 is now, or perhaps it is just that my own ability to cope with him has improved.

If you have any interest in autism or living with a child with special needs do read Karen's blog, a beautifully written and honest account of the daily struggles. Oh and she is not just a wonderful mum but a great knitter too!

Three notable things:

1. The world of finance seems to be collapsing around us. Of course I should understand what is going on, but it is so long since I worked fulltime in auditing that it is a total mystery. I'm a little concerned for a friend whose husband works for HBOS though.

2. I'm about half way through my end of course assessment, with less than two weeks before it needs to be submitted. At least I have got some sort of structure to the essay at last and know roughly where I am heading. That's a start.

3. Everyone in the house is either coughing or sneezing...


Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

Thanks for the link, I shall go and visit Karen's blog.

The finance news is rather unnerving as it is going to be affecting us all. I do wish they'd give us some good news in the papers/on tv.

Well done with the essay, I find the hardest part is to figure out where I'm going with these things.

Hope you all feel better soon

Casdok said...

Sorry to hear you are all coughing and sneezing.

Its great to find a blog by chance. I will pop over!

Karen said...

Thank you for your lovely comments Cathy - it gives me hope that there is a light at the end of this long, long tunnel! Albeit a rather different quality of light, and probably a different colour too!!!
Hope you stop sneezing/coughing too and find time to finish the essay

PS Just in case you need reminding, you're an amazing mother too, and inspire me constantly.

Cathy said...

Karen, you're welcome and thanks.

There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel, though it will flicker on and off at times. With all the good input now your son is going to do really well, in fact he already is!


Cat said...

Hello, just stopping by via the Black Box! What a fab gadget, but oh so time consuming...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing us in the direction of a new blog. Take care and get well soon.

CJ xx

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Hello, it's been nearly a week since you posted so I hope that means you're all better now.