Monday, May 05, 2008

Up, up and away...

Last Tuesday morning I looked out of the window to see if son 2's school bus had arrived and couldn't believe what I saw. A large bunch of red and silver metallic balloons was bouncing around in the gutter outside our driveway.

I wasn't sure whether to run outside and pick them up, but leaving son 2 unsupervised, even for a moment, can have dangerous consequences and I really didn't want him to become obsessed with balloons just before school. So I decided to leave them, thinking that the breeze would soon take them further on their journey, hopefully before the arrival of the school bus.

Five minutes later the bus was outside the house. The bus driver had parked further out than usual, carefully avoiding the balloons, which were still there. Thankfully son 2, who once had a serious balloon obsession, ignored them completely and was soon on his way. I picked up the balloons and brought them into our porch, thinking they would be an evening treat for him. Each balloon was emblazoned with 'Mercedes Benz Direct'. I still have no idea where they had come from.

After school son 2 completely ignored the balloons in the porch. The same happened on Wednesday. It wasn't until halfway through Thursday evening that he decided they might be fun to destroy. We spent the next two days retrieving helium balloons from our ceilings until he had finally burst them all.

There is no accounting for the autistic mind.

(Yes, I should have taken a photo and no, I couldn't find the camera... Sorry.)

Three notable things:

1. Boris is the new Mayor of London. Hmm. But I can't complain really, as I didn't bother to vote.

2. An Open University day school in London on Saturday gave me a welcome escape.

3. What is it with Austrians and cellars? Life can be stranger than fiction but this latest case is truly horrific beyond belief.


Anonymous said...

You're right, it is horrific and completely inhuman.

Autism is so unpredictable isn't it! Amy loves balloons, we sometimes have to blow up a whole packet of 30 of which I spend the next day popping.

CJ xx

DJ Kirkby said...

'There is no accounting for the autistic mind.' Very true, I couldn't agree more.

Cathy said...

Autism is unpredictable,yes, but so fascinating too! just when I think I've got part of his thinking sussed, he moves on again...

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Boris. Yerss. Hmmmm indeed.

I saw a great photo on the web today, I think it was the Gherkin overlaid with a tousled blond wig.

Time will tell.