Monday, February 18, 2008

Half term again

It's half term here this week.

So far, it has been remarkably calm.

Today I've been looking into couple of new blogging projects which I will tell you about in due course if and when they are up and running. In the meantime I am sitting here feeling very smug because my course assignment, not due until Friday, is finished. In fact, Hubby has posted it for me today.

Three notable things:

1. I've just started to read 'Over' by Margaret Forster, which I am enjoying very much.

2. Son 2 has playscheme tomorrow, but son 1 has a medical appointment so I won't really get a break.

3. Look at the wonderful widget for Disraeli Avenue at the top of my sidebar. Just think how much writing could be prompted by the 'secrets'. I've contributed to them but I'm not going to tell you which... Why don't you share a secret too?


Casdok said...

Well done for finishing your assignment in good time.
Hope the peace continues!!

Anonymous said...

Half term here aswell. It does come round very quickly!

Crystal xx

merry weather said...

I'm just recovering from watching the ballet clip - wow, absolutely beautiful and very moving.

Shall have a look at Disraeli Avenue, which looks interesting!