Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Well, it is very reassuring to learn that personal details of myself and my children and almost certainly also of my bank account have been 'lost' by the government....along with 25 million others.

I've only very recently started using internet banking, but at least having that facility will enable me to obsessively check my current account every day for unexplained withdrawals.

Ho hum.

Three notable things:

1. I saw the family counsellor for the last time today. She thinks we are doing a great job with son 1 and not overprotecting him, which would be a natural response but detrimental to his recovery.

2. I have finally decided to sign up for another Open University course to start in January and have sent off for my Tesco Clubcard deal vouchers today which will help considerably with the cost!

3. You have probably already heard about this elsewhere...I'm a bit slow here...anyway, the Freerice website is not only fun but by taking part you donate to charity. Go along and test your wordpower!


Anne Brooke said...

Yes, it's awful. Ruddy stupid Government - hope you're okay anyway.

And good luck with the new course!


Sue said...

And they want ID cards!!!!!

Great news on point 1 and 2 and 3 is a bit addictive. :-)

Sue xx

Casdok said...

Yes a bit scarey about the government losing all our details.

And well done re the counselling!!

Boatwoman said...

This Government could not run a pee up in a brewery.
I have made sure I changed all details just in case.
Why do they never learn. I hope no one we know gets caught out.

Cathy said...

I keep checking my bank account!


Anonymous said...

I think it's typical. Not surprising at all that the govt can make such a cock up. I would imagine the tories will be having a field day.

What a good idea of Tesco!

Crystal xx