Friday, September 28, 2007

Autism blogs

Autism plays a large part in our lives, yet I have never wanted this blog to be mainly about it. Of course the subject does come up from time, but as you know I do guard my children's privacy in many respects and I want my readers to see that there is more to my existence than son 2's autism. Son 2 is a happy, healthy, much-loved boy who lives life to the full on his own terms. End of story.

In any case, there are many bloggers out there who write about life with autism far more eloquently than me. I recently discovered Mother of Shrek, a blog in which Casdok writes honestly and movingly about her autistic son. If you have any interest in autism then do take a look, this has quickly become one of my daily must-reads.

The novel I am writing will also have autism as one of its central themes. Definitely a case of writing about what you know, though I have to say that it is fictional, NOT my personal story! There is a sneak peek here and I have even written a little more today, until I became bogged down in one chapter...

Three notable things:

1. Ripe apples are falling from the tree in our garden.

2. I managed to write another couple of hundred words. My motivation is increasing, even though the creativity was somewhat lacking today.

3. I put the central heating on this afternoon, as son 1 and I both felt cold. I never put it on in September!


Casdok said...

Ohh thank you!!!

Cathy said...

You're welcome! I love your is especially good to read such positive reports about a young adult on the less able end of the spectrum, as son 2 is also ASD/SLD. So often people can't see beyond the ASD but your love for him shines through your writing.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely agree on Casdok's blog, top class reading.

I try to write about Amy as best I can but there's so much you could write that people just won't understand. As for guarding her privacy, she doesn't look autistic. When people see her they assume she is your "typical & average" child. When they talk to her, they realise she isn't. I talk about Amy openly because I want more people to understand about autism. It isn't all doom and gloom, it isn't all hard work and battles. I feel lucky to have been able to get to know about autism. Without Amy, that may never have happened.

Crystal xx

Cathy said...

Your blog is fab too, Crystal!

We are in a slightly different situation, because it is very clear that son 2 is disabled...he is loudly nonverbal with what can be challenging behaviour. He would never know what I had written, but Son 1 may well read this blog. He is very sensitive and with his current problems I am just careful about what I write.

I certainly agree it isn't all doom and gloom and I am hoping to put a balanced portrayal of ASD into my novel...if it ever gets written!


Anne Brooke said...

I've had the central heating on for weeks, Cathy!!!


Cathy said...

Well you must need it after all thiose birdwatching trips, Anne!



Casdok said...

Crystal, i agree, people dont really understand, so it is hard to write about, especially trying not to be to negative, or boring people!
Yours and Cathys blogs are great to!
Your writing a novel on ASD?! Excellent!!

Jan said...

So did I...put the heating on, that is!
Brr! Brr!
Im in the North so that's supposedly a good excuse..

Jackie Luben said...

I'm with Anne on this. This year, the heating went on mid August - not every day, just certain days. (And I'm a southerner.)

Catherine said...

Had a peek. It's very good, Cathy. Certainly a book I would be interested in reading one day.

Cathy said...

Thank you Marianne. I guess I better write on then...!