Saturday, March 10, 2007

Unfortunate employee

of the year....or should it be renamed ex-employee?

One of the leading contenders must be the the Penguin books staff member who left a manuscript of Jeanette Winterson's not yet published book on a bench at Balham station.

Amazing that it seems to have been found by a fan. I'm afraid the only one of her books I have ever been able to read was Oranges are not the Only Fruit.


Joanna said...

Hey good luck with your aspirations! I too am a struggling writer but I've nearly finished my first novel...nearly. Good luck with yours, it's a hard an sometimes lonely business but it'll be worth it in the end!

Cathy said...

Hello Joanna and good luck with your novel!

I think it's great that so many writers, both published and unpublished, are out here in the blogosphere,as we can all give each other encouragement when it gets hard.

rilly super said...

she's in good company. Didn't Lawrence leave the first draft of 'seven pillars of wisdom' in the waiting room at Reading station. Who knows, it's probably still out there somewhere..

Cathy said...

Quite possibly still on the station. I don't think Reading station has changed much since Lawrence's day, or at least it hadn't when I used to travel from there!