Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Shopping again

I love shopping!

My need to shop reflects my negative state of mind so if I 'fess up to what I have bought in the last few days you will get the picture. A handbag from eBay. A pair of sandals. Eyeliner and other make up. A new digital camera (with birthday money). A jacket (sale price). All without leaving the house.

Hubby has always despaired about my spending. While the kids were young I actually spent very little on myself but once they went to school I decided that I needed to look after myself a bit more. So I went shopping for little treats. Later I joined a gym, which Hubby thought was a great idea as I needed to get fitter and it would keep me away from the shops. I 'forgot' to mention the gym was situated in the middle of a retail park...

At present my gym membership is frozen as I have too many family and other commitments to be able to go. I miss my calming yoga classes, perhaps that explains my current urge to consume. But now the internet can take care of the shopping. It is even worse, because if I am physically in a shop I can walk away from things, I enjoy browsing almost as much as actually buying, but online it is just so easy to click on buy.

I was thinking of adding a shopping label here for my blog posts but it would be just too embarrassing...

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