Thursday, March 01, 2007

Books and Braille

Thanks to dovegreyreader for drawing my attention to the fact that Braille is in danger of becoming obsolete because many blind people are not taught it nowadays. There is an e-petition to the government which UK citizens can sign up to, if you are interested. There is also wonderful testimony on dovegreyreader's blog as to how Braille can transform the lives of blind people. Do read it.

Although Braille might seem a little old fashioned in the digital age, it clearly has a significant place amongst the range of communication aids available. This is a subject I am interested in because Son 2 is nonverbal and communicates with us using a variety of methods...vocalisations, gestures, Makaton, a simple sign language, and printed symbols and pictures. The more methods that are available to help people with challenges to communicate and be able to read and express themselves in writing, the better.

Oh and if you love books and haven't yet discovered dovegreyreader, do take a look at her blog!

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