Sunday, March 04, 2007

False alarms

Thanks to gentle nagging from Anne and Sue ( thanks girls!), I am not going to set any new formal targets this month. However, I am going to try to catch up with myself before the Easter holiday starts. So, my informal targets for March will be much as before...

A bit of mild excitement today. Son 2 tried to burn down the kitchen whilst making toast this morning. He seems to think that once the bread pops up out of the toaster it has to be put back in again and again. He does this until the bread is black and brittle and the house is full of smoke. Of course this set off the smoke alarm, which totally upset and confused him. Then we had to open all the windows so I froze. All because he sneaked off to make something I had already said he could not have.

This afternoon I took him to a special needs club at a local church and guess what, one of the kids (not him!) set off the fire alarm. The noise was earsplitting and no one knew how to turn it off. Son 2 is very sound sensitive but coped simply because he was listening to a CD and seemed to be able to tune out the alarm. If only we adults had also been able to do that!


Eurodog said...

What is A215?

I left a saucepan on the stove overnight so it is not just kids.

Please visit my newish blog:
Thank you.

Cathy said...

Hello eurodog,

Nice to 'meet' you!

A215 is the code for the new level 2 Creative Writing course with the Open University

I was amongst the first group of students who took this course a year ago!

Sue said...

Why do children always think they can do things without you knowing about it!

My son has tried to sneak 'goodies' out of the kitchen but he does it really obviously or leaves the wrappers in a prominent place.

Anywy, glad to hear you're not going to stretch yourself too much and well done for coping with today.

Sue xx