Thursday, March 08, 2007

Another teen idol

Talking of David Cassidy, as we were last week, he was on TV this morning to promote a book and a tour.

Sorry girls, but he looks slightly weird and frankly didn't seem too bright. I'd never realised how short he is either! You don't really notice that when you are 12...

Isn't it strange how both Donny and David have popped up with things to promote over here at almost exactly the same time? A coincidence or a cunning marketing ploy?

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Sue said...

Even though I really liked David Cassidy especially in the Partridge family, I was a little concerned later in life to hear about how he treated his fans.

It may just have been another promotional thing, but I read that he used to have his entourage line the girls up outside his room!

Maybe he put that rumour about to make him sound sexy. It put me off.

Donny doesn't alter much does he?

Sue x