Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shopping on my mind

I'm starting to think about the dreaded Christmas shopping and am scouring the net for goodies.

I hope that a book will shortly be arriving from Susan Hill which will be my mother sorted (it's OK, she won't read this!)

I also have my eye on this book as a possibility for my father. He is not a great reader but is a keen gardener.

Son 1 seems to mainly want money. Son 2 is always a problem as there are so few things he enjoys, but a selection of videos/DVDs/CDs and some chocolate usually hits the mark.

Hubby will probably have his own ideas and as for me, I have ordered the two volumes of the Paris Review Interviews and I have my eye on a classic Penguin books mug, preferably the Virginia Woolf Room of One's Own mug which would match my purple themed writing accessories perfectly. I'll have to start dropping hints about that...

Three notable things:

1. A great coffee and catch up session with two friends yesterday...

2. Did I tell you I have started to knit a cardigan?

3. Doing the flash fiction on the Your Messages blog is increasing the hits to my own blog... and Sarah Salway has left a message here!


Kerenhappuch said...
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Anne Brooke said...

Ah, Christmas - I must start thinking about it soon, I imagine!!!




Kerenhappuch said...

I had to cancel my first comment because I had posted it with evidence of finger trouble! Thank you for a really helpful blog - Christmas shopping is always such a problem. I have a purple mug in my writing hut down in the cove, it was given to me by a very special friend and I love it. I hope the right someone reads your message!

Jenny Beattie said...

Cathy, I do so love that mug: love the purple and love the sentiment.

Lane Mathias said...

Those mugs are lovely.
I wish everyone would be satisfied with books and mugs for Christmas.
Well done on the knitting. As someone who can't knit a stitch - I'm in awe:-)

Casdok said...

Christmas! EEEEK!
Love the mug ideas!

Anonymous said...

Christmas shopping is a bit lagged this year for me. I wish I could knit because I'd just knit for everyone and be sorted. However, I did get quite a lot while shopping in Berwick today.

Crystal xx

Cathy said...

Spoke to Hubby and have ordered the mug...that particular one seems quite hard to find at present. Just not sure whether I will use it for my coffee or my pens!