Friday, November 02, 2007

Flash fiction

So, I really haven't done much this week. But I have managed to do two pieces of 300 word flash fiction for the Your Messages project blog, which you can read by scrolling down the comments on the blogs for 1st and 2nd November.

Three notable things:

1. It is the weekend tomorrow. Hooray!

2. A new Starbucks is to open in a nearby 'suburban village' area very soon. I think it might just be a perfect place to write when I need a change.

3. I'm just starting to read some of Angela Carter's short stories for the first time.


Anne Brooke said...

Hard-hitting stuff, Cathy. I utterly loved the one about the girl and the cutting. Really punchy.


Cathy said...

Ah thanks Anne. High praise indeed from the queen of flash fiction!


Anonymous said...

I've noticed a few flash fiction comps around, had a go a while back but didn't get anywhere!

Might give it another try though.

Crystal xx

Anne Brooke said...

You must be mixing me up with someone else, Cathy - I've never been the queen of anything!!! Apart from blagging of course ...



emma darwin said...

Oooh, I do hope you enjoy Angela Carter - one of the true greats, to my mind.

But Starbucks... does anyone else find that their tables (and those of most other coffee chains) are always slightly sticky, even when newly wiped. My heart sank when my particular urban village acquired its first chain coffee shop. Yes, it has sofas, which all the other delightful indies don't have space for, but you can't move for falling over the vast buggy-wheels, or think for the quacking yummy-mummy voices.


Cathy said...

Hello Emma

Yes, I do fear that the new Starbucks will become overrun by the Yummy Mummy brigade...this particular village is also full of ladies who lunch! But I think I feel more comfortable lingering over writing or reading in Starbucks than I would in the tiny indie places where I always somehow feel obliged to drink far too much coffee or buy food I really don't need!

Love your blog by the way, it is always thought provoking.