Friday, February 09, 2007

The word count creeps up slowly

I have actually written a little more of the novel today. At the moment I seem to only be able to do a few hundred words at a time, but that is better than nothing.

Although it is half term now, surprisingly I may even get more than usual written because I won't be able to do any of my other work or even go out shopping. I write on my laptop which is currently perched on the coffee table, so whilst the kids are amusing themselves I can try to write. It will probably be rubbish and need a lot of editing later, but just to get more words down at this stage would be good. I also hope to actually do some more reading for fun, as I haven't had much time for that recently

The snow is melting away quite fast now so I will have no excuse not to go to Tesco tomorrow (anyway we are running out of food, teenage boys have huge appetites!)


Sarah Salway said...

Good luck with the writing - I find the snow helps me, now that it's turned to slush and I'm not fighting the urge to build snowmen! Interesting points you make about whether to reveal personal info or not - when I was a journalist, doing features, I'd often have to remind my interviewee that what they were telling me was for publication.

Cathy said...

Hi Sarah

Thanks for visiting.

As I hate snow it hasn't been too much of a temptation, I left the snowman making to the rest of the family!

The revealing of personal info on the internet is something we all frequently warn our children about, yet we are sometimes less careful ( or just more trusting?) ourselves! It is a case of finding a balance of what to disclose and what not to write so that the privacy of others isn't inadvertantly compromised in the pursuit of an entertaining blog entry or article.

Anne Brooke said...

Well done on getting that writing done, Cathy - and hope you have a great half-term week next week!


Cathy said...

Thank you Anne!

Jackie Luben said...

Even a few hundred words at a time is worth doing. When I was writing my autobiographical book, The Fruit of the Tree, my daughter was about three years old. I only ever got to write when Playschool was on. Even so, I finished it. Incidentally, despite all I've said about giving only a superficial view of my life here, I revealed an awful lot in my book.