Monday, February 12, 2007

Feeling sick

Not a good day today. I had been feeling a bit rough all weekend but woke up this morning with a head like cotton wool and a stomach that was complaining about something. Not good when I had an important meeting at school at 9am.

The outcome of the meeting was not what I had hoped, so by the time I got home I felt even worse. I am also having problems with my current OU course and am in two minds whether to give it up.

Luckily Hubby had the day off to help out at home so I have been able to spend the afternoon relaxing in front of my computer, feeling fragile. I have started to sneeze ominously and am using copious tissues. Great timing for half term. But at least my wordcount has increased a little!

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Anne Brooke said...

Poor you - seems everyone's feeling sick at the moment. Hope you're better soon ...