Tuesday, February 20, 2007


The highlight of this week so far has been giving Son 1 a haircut today. A number 3 if you really want to know. Son 2 has actually been to a playscheme for the last two days but I have been too knackered to take proper advantage of the relative peace and quiet, even to read. That is what school holidays and half terms do to me.

I should really have been working or studying for my OU course, I am way behind and have another assignment due in next week that I haven't started yet. But family must come first at these times, even if I sometimes have to stop to remind myself of the fact.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy

I've had a haircut today so it must be the week for them.

As far as being tired, it's another chapter that was omitted from my Guide to Parenting Handbook and the chapter on 'How to Survive on as Little Sleep as Possible'.

Oh yes and the chapter on 'How Not to Feel Guilty About Wanting ANY Time of Your Own at All'.

Perhaps we should write a book on 'The Bits They Left Out'.

You'll be fine, sometimes the last minute rushes on assigments can be the best. :-)

Take care and enjoy the children.

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, what's a number 3? As you can see, I don't have children!!



Cathy said...

Yes why do parenting books never tell you about the hard bits? then again, my kids are not exactly typical!

Anne, a number 3 refers to the setting on the hair clippers (ask Lord H!), where 0 is a full Britney Spears and 7 is the longest hair setting on our clippers! Number 3 leaves the head looking a little like a toilet brush...