Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The slow thaw

The snow is disappearing, a little more each day. Green grass is showing through in places on our lawn, the snow which lay on the leaves of bushes and trees is gone.

Son 2's school transport recommenced yesterday. He was pleased to return to school, even though the bus was thirty minutes late arriving, due to the fact that some hilly side roads are still very difficult to negotiate. Our own mostly flat road is still covered with compacted snow, the pavements are icy and great care needs to be taken.

I was working in London yesterday. I was greatly surprised to emerge from Angel tube station and find the pavements wet rather than snowy. I was with a friend and we had both been dreading the downhill walk to our place of work, but we needn't have. In that part of London only occasional tiny patches of white or slush gave away the fact that snow had ever been there.

Talking to others who had travelled from various suburbs, it became clear that we were not alone in still having snowy conditions at home. Central London, as always, had its own micro-climate.

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