Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year Resolutions

So, did you make any?

I'm not a huge fan of New Year Resolutions. Some, such as starting a diet, are just so obvious and should really be long term lifestyle choices. Others may be so unachievable that they just set you up for failure, which is not psychologically healthy.

So this year I'm just setting two goals (not resolutions):

1. Finish the novel

It's been a long time coming but at the time of writing it's 83% complete and the end is within my grasp. I had a huge burst of inspiration between Christmas and New Year, when the word count rose rapidly. This wasn't planned, but I woke up one morning with one scene so clear in my mind that I had to write it down, even though it was out of sequence. From there, other pieces of the puzzle started to fall neatly into place and I knew how the story would progress up to and beyond that scene. It all got written in an intense burst over two days. This is how writing should be.

2. Find more 'me time'.

I'm on doctor's orders with this one. Some members of my family (no names mentioned) think I have a lot of time to myself. But it isn't proper 'me time'. Some of it is supporting and helping other people, through charities I'm (now unofficially) involved with. Often enjoyable, it gets me out of the house and meeting good friends, but really it's a form of unpaid work. The rest of the time is largely writing related. I've decided that I need to treat the writing as proper work rather than a hobby, in order to be able to maintain my focus and up my productivity now Hubby is home all the time. So, at least whilst I'm currently not in any regular paid employment, I'm going to try to focus on these two things primarily in working hours. Hopefully this will leave more time for reading, relaxation and, dare I hope, fun at other times.

Of course, the best laid plans...


Sue Guiney said...

wishing you all the best in the new year- especially that your 2nd resolution comes true. Somehow, I think that if number 2 happens, number 1 will surely follow !

Jen said...

Pencilling in time to relax sounds like an essential. It shouldn't have to be something we 'resolve' to do, should it?

Wishing you a delicious year full of words and happiness X

HelenMWalters said...

That all sounds very sensible. My main resolution is also about my novel - to finish editing it and finally get it 'out there'.

Hope it all works out for you in 2010 x

Anonymous said...

Yes, another novel resolution here too - getting it finished is top of the list right now. And the me time is very important I think. Hope you manage to fulfil that one.

Best wishes, CJ xx

Jenny Beattie said...

Cathy, wishing all of you the very best for 2010.


Cathy said...

Thanks all.


Andrea said...

Happy New Year Cathy.
I too am resolved to finish a novel this year, but in my case it will mean starting one (or at least choosing one of the many scenes gathering dust on my hard drive and working it).
Here's to you getting more time to yourself.

Cathy said...

Andrea, go for it. I know you can do it! Though it is a long term commitment, I've been working on my novel, on and off, for four years :)