Monday, April 14, 2008

A sombre day

Hubby has gone to the family funeral today, picking up Son 1 on the way and taking him too. It will be a long day, with a lot of driving, but it has to be done.

I have managed to fritter away most of my spare time while Son 2 is at playscheme today, even though I had intended to do some reading and studying. Instead I have been replying to emails, updating bookersatz and paying for eBay purchases of DVDs for Son 2 who is able to destroy a disc almost as easily as a tape...

Three notable things:

1. My boys have grown up watching Mark Speight on TV. What a tragedy.

2. I had both my babies here. I guess I was one of the lucky ones...

3. The London Book Fair is on this week. I would so love to be able to visit it one day.


Sue Guiney said...

thinking of you today. Hope all goes as well as could be.
I clicked on the LBF link. You know, I have an agent there who is supposedly going to try to sell some overseas rights to my book. And my pr team is running the thing. But I'm such a headcase, I'm afraid to go. What would I do there? Who would I talk to? So it's all happening and I'm sitting here a mile away too chicken to check it out. Maybe one year we can go together.

Anonymous said...


I agree about Mark Speight, an absolute tradegy, my kids adored his Big Picture, Little Picture spot on Smarteenies and would always watch that bit transfixed, heck I'd watch it to!

I agree as well about the London Book Fair, if I ever make there one day, I'm sure I'd be pinching myself just to check I wasn't dreaming!

Arthur Clewley said...

I went to it once cathy, although the ticket cost more than I would usually spend on a book. A different world indeed

Cathy said...

Well I still want to go, despite Arthur's warnings of the cost (but isn't everything in Earls Court expensive?)I still want to see the publishing industry from the other side.

Perhaps we should have a group visit next year?!

Anne Brooke said...

Terrible about Mark. Hope your husband is back home from the funeral by now - sending love.


PS The London Book Fair is terrifying and stupidly confusing - the three times I've been, I hated it!

Anne Brooke said...

Sorry - those 2 things aren't supposed to be connected. My brain is mush. Sorry ...



Anonymous said...

Thoughts with your family. Playscheme sounds like fun. Paying for puchases on ebay however, doesn't!

CJ xx

Lane Mathias said...

Mark Speight's plight was very sad.
My children used to watch him too.

LBF? One day I'll get there. I say that every year:-)