Friday, April 11, 2008

Getting back on track

Things are calming down a little.

Son 1 finally seems settled in his new hospital, though it was a rocky road at the start. My father has had his angioplasty and is back home. The family funeral is next Monday but I won't be going, as I have Son 2 to care for and it will still be school holidays.

So back to the writing, in thought if not in action quite yet. Remember I told you that I found another OU course I am interested in? Well it is this one.

I am interested in it for two reasons. Partly because I have many years of working in a support role in the voluntary sector, although with no formal training. I don't, however, have ambitions to be a counsellor myself, though I believe (and know from personal experience) that the work they do is very valuable.

But I would like to be able to one day combine my voluntary experience with my writing, to explore the use of creative writing as a means of expression for the everyone, including the vulnerable. A couple of friends have just taken an introductory counselling course at a local college and one intends to go on to a counselling degree. I had already decided that I would be interested in doing the short course once I had finished at the OU, but this course would serve the same purpose and give me hopefully enough points to complete a degree.

Afterwards I might even apply for this...

Three notable things:

1. I finally got Son 2's replacement Blue Badge yesterday (we were late applying for the renewal). The Council is becoming increasingly strict due to the widespread misuse of the scheme and no longer sends them out by post...

2. I have done no studying at all this week due to the school holiday and everything else going on.

3. The central locking on my car is playing up. Again. But last time it inexplicably put itself right, so I'll just wait and see. I need the car all next week anyway.


Casdok said...

I had been thinking about Son 1, so very glad to hear things are settling a bit.

Thank you for your kind words, i will drop in to keep up todate with how things are going.
Take care x

Anne Brooke said...

Glad things are a little more under control now, Cathy - and hope next week is okay. I think it's a great idea about that course!


Sue Guiney said...

The course sounds terrific! There's so much you could do with it. And I'm glad to hear Son 1 is steadier. xo