Sunday, July 08, 2007

A reminder

As every Saturday, Oxford Street was crowded with people out spending. I had come down to London for my final Open University tutorial but now I was joining the throng of consumers.

But this was no casual, aimless shopping trip. I had two goals...a white T shirt for son 2 who has sports week coming up and a waterproof coat for myself for a planned getaway. I managed to get what I wanted, stopped for a panini at about 2.30pm and then headed back to Bond Street station. The lure of Oxford Street had worn off. I did not want to be tempted by the enticing goods in the department stores, to waste money I don't really have.

Back at the tube station I was met by a huge crowd of people exiting up the Jubilee line escalator. There was no obvious reason for their numbers, except trains arriving from both directions at the same time, but my heart was in my mouth. Was there a problem on the underground? I had heard no announcements but there was a significant police presence in the ticket office. Something perhaps to be expected in view of the events of a week ago.

After a couple of minutes wait my train arrived. I was disconcerted, yet at the same time relieved, to see police in both my carriage and the ones on either side of it, yet I had never seen so many on a train before. Again I wondered what was going on. It wasn't until the train started to head northwards that I realised. The train would be passing through Wembley Park station and Wembley Stadium nearby was hosting the huge Live Earth concert that afternoon. That is probably where the police were headed.

I changed trains and got home without incident.We can't let the threat of terrorism stop us living our lives, yet at the same time I think that it is in the back of our minds at all times. Yesterday was the second anniversary of the bombings of 7/7 as well as the occasion of the Live Earth concert and some big sporting events. It was good to see the level of security around our city and transport.

Three notable things:

1. Our local town centre has a Starbucks. At last.

2. Controlling my spending!

3. An encouraging tutorial and meeting with a study-buddy friend I have made through this course.


Catherine said...

I was in London last week too and there was a very noticeable police presence everywhere and a security alert. It is fairly tense, though not as bad as after 7/7 when it became, for a while, like a ghost town.

I have taken up your idea of recording some of the good things in a day. Thank you for that.

Cathy said...

It's Clare Grant you should be thanking, Marianne. I'm sure her book will be fabulous when it is published.