Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tourist attractions

The devastating fire on the Cutty Sark, the clipper built in 1869 which has for so long been a leading London tourist attraction, caught my attention yesterday. I am lucky enough to have visited the ship, but it made me think about the fact that, although I have lived in Greater London for almost twenty five years, there are still many tourist attractions I have not visited. Perhaps now is the time to start doing so, because, to quote Joni Mitchell 'you don't know what you've got till its gone'.

I've always been a cultural tourist, the sort of traveller who makes for art galleries and museums, churches and craftsmen's workshops. Yet we are just too busy to appreciate what is on our doorstep, not helped by the fact that due to our circumstances, family excursions are out of the question.

I think a few awaydays on my own might be in order. Surely I must be due some time off for good behaviour?


Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,
I know what you mean. We don't do the things on our doorstep because we're not on holiday when we're at home and we only do those sort of things on holiday.
Shame I can't come over and we could go look at things together. But like yourself, it's all about my (not so) little man.
I want you to take yourself off to a tourist attraction then come home and write me about it and I'll do the same. Tourism by proxy.

Anne Brooke said...

Yes, it's terrible about the ship. Hope they manage to salvage some of it. And yes you should have a few days off, Cathy, and see the sights you want to - you deserve it. Start planning it now!



rilly super said...

you are quite right cathy, we don't see the cutural treasures on our own doorstep. I bet that many of the locals in my village have visited Shakespeare's house in Stratford or The Haworth parsonage yet pass by the blue plaque on my house that says 'Rilly Super, famous writer, lives here' without even noticing it. Actually, on second thoughts, they probably haven't been to Stratford or Haworth either, sigh

Cathy said...

Andrea, the tourism by proxy sounds a good idea. If you were just a weeny bit closer I would love to fly over and go sightseeing with you in person!Was going to say I would appreciate the better weather but it is lovely and hot here today.

Anne...I'm off into central London in a couple of weekends. Any suggestions for something good to see on a Saturday afternoon...preferably not involving queuing?

Rilly...you sound as despairing of the locals' cultural knowledge as WITN!!Hope you keep your blue plaque polished...