Monday, May 21, 2007


I wonder if Gordon Brown reads my blog?

Less than two weeks ago I wrote this.

Today this announcement is made.

So Gordon Brown is not Prime Minister yet, but he does hold the purse strings and whilst this is just a drop in the ocean, it is a start. Now please look at also ending the postcode lottery for service provision, Gordon.

For anyone who is interested in the plight of families caring for disabled children, do take a look at the website of the Every Disabled Child Matters campaign.


Kore said...

Hi Cathy. I wonder if you watched "Real Families" last night. It was a heartbreaking film of a couple with two disabled children with very different needs. At one point in the documentary she mentioned how after years of struggling and months of assessments and waiting she was finally offered eight hours of help.... a year. Shocking and disgusting. We can hope that Mr Brown will improve the situation for so many families.

Cathy said...

No I didn't see it...only heard about it this morning on a forum I visit. But if it was the family I think it was, I have read a lot about them...the mother wrote a book. Yes, their situation is so sad and unforgivable.