Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Apprentice

Watched The Apprentice last night. What irony that Sir Alan had chosen to give the candidates their task standing in front of the Cutty Sark. It also showed how long ago the programme was filmed as the masts were still in place prior to being removed for the planned restoration which has now become a desperate salvage exercise.

I was sorry to see Jadine go. She was a contestant for whom I had quite a lot of sympathy, for various reasons, and I think she had changed and calmed down a lot as the series progressed. Sir Alan also seemed to have a soft spot for her, he definitely likes candidates who have risen above previous adversity, which in turn gives me hope for son 1's future. ( Not that I'm suggesting he goes to work for Sir Alan, but the general principle that you can be a survivor and embrace future success.)

Apart from that the episode was fairly uneventful. Katie was smug and flirty, rather than bitchy, which reduced the entertainment value no end. I can't even tip an obvious winner. Surely not Tre?


Jan said...

Sometimes one is amassing stuff while doing other stuff!
At least that's my excuse...!

Catherine said...

I missed the Apprentice last week. That's how tired I was. It takes a lot for me to miss the Apprentice.

Sorry to hear Jadine copped it. My money is on Christina? Is that her name? Katie is just such a bitch. Tre is awful. Where do they get these people from? Why do we watch it?

Did catch Joseph though. It has to be Lee. But hope the Lord takes all the four finalists. It think that is what he has in mind. What do you think?

Sorry to hear about computer glitches. Hope things are going reasonably well. We are in the foothills of GCSEs. Wish us luck.

Cathy said...

Hope the GCSEs will go well, Marianne!

Yes, definitely Lee for Joseph. I have been surprised at the eliminations for the last two weeks so yes, I guess Andrew L-W has some particular plan.

As for the Apprentice, I think you are right, Kristina could well snatch it. Tre is too cocky and Katie too bitchy to work for Sir Alan, I think he prefers people he can mould.

Catherine said...

Yes, he's definitely been weeding out talented people who don't fit in his scheme, so I think that is where he is going. Is it Kristina? Must catch up!

Will let you know how things go. Hope all is reasonably well your end.