Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I was fascinated by this post on plotting on Kate Harrison's blog today. Not least because of the mention of Google Notes, which I actually discovered for myself a few days ago. Is it new, or had I just never noticed its existence before?

Anyway, I can't resist something new to waste time on, so I have set up Google Notes here on my laptop and will no doubt spend time working out how to use it rather than actually working over the next few days.

Oh and did you all notice that Kate won the novel race, knocking out the first draft of her next novel in superhuman time. I am so glad I didn't join in this time, but congratulations, Kate, and thanks for the interesting blog post today!


Yvonne said...

I haven't used Google Notes before but I do use MS Office OneNote. I started using it for plotting, but now I use it for links, holiday information, shopping lists and so on.

Jan said...

THanks for passing this on, Cathy.