Monday, April 23, 2007

A day to treasure

Today was one of those days worth noting.

I finally finished my OU essay just in time to catch the deadline. I tidied up and shelved my ever-growing pile of 'books to be read' and 'how to write' books.

Most importantly I watched as son 1, whose confidence has been so badly destroyed by bullying at school, took a courageous step towards reclaiming his life. Then I went to have a coffee with the dear friend whose caring intervention has helped to make that possible.


Anne Brooke said...

That's utterly marvellous, Cathy!! What a truly wonderful day you and your family have had - result!!



Catherine said...

So glad to hear that your oldest son is starting to move forwards again. It makes a huge difference to the whole family when children start to take control of their lives. I'm having some dilemmas about medication etc. and am just going to post something. If you have any views, do let me know.

Yes I have changed my heading, though not my web address. I think I started writing about one thing but found that I am more interested in what is happening now, and in the future. Thanks for visiting.

Yvonne said...

Congratulations Cathy.

Kore said...

Congrats on getting the TMA off in time, what a relief! Here's to good results. Sounds like you had a fantastic day, I wish you more.

Debi said...

A day worth noting indeed! Hope there's so many of them coming that they become the norm.

Jackie Luben said...

Well done on getting your essay in, Cathy. You can breathe a sigh of relief now.

Cathy said...

Well I only posted the essay today...first class as deadline is tomorrow, but there was a reason I couldn't print it off yesterday so have emailed tutor to explain. I wish this course had online submission, it is so much easier!

Marianne, I have left a comment on your blog re the meds.

Anonymous said...

Well done Cathy!!

Sue xx

Jan said...

Special day, Cathy.They are very precious ones, aren't they? THat's great.I am glad about your son.