Monday, January 08, 2007

Trainers, rain and timewasting

Spent most of the day dealing with niggling domestic issues, like why did the repairman from Comet come to the house to mend a TV which we had already taken back to the store because it never worked?

Then there was the trainers saga. Son 2 is very fussy about shoes. He also destroys them on a regular basis. So we don't spend too much on them...trainers from Woolworths actually fit him well because they are usually wide, like his feet. This morning, while getting him ready for school I noticed a hole in the bottom of his trainers. He refused to wear his spare pair so had to go as he was. I asked Hubby to look in the Woolies by his office for a new pair. But it is incredibly hard to find velcro fastening trainers in size 4 and son 2 can't cope with laces due to his disability. No success. So I had to go out hunting myself in the rain. By a stroke of luck I found some, but they were in a store next to a charity shop and of course one thing led to another and I came home with even more books! By the time I had finished all my chores and shopping it was nearly time for Son 2 to return from school, so no essay writing, no novel writing, no tax return done....

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