Thursday, May 17, 2012

Death of a disco queen

It's always sad when you hear of the passing of a music legend, whose songs formed part of the soundtrack of your life as you were growing up. Today is no exception, with the news that Donna Summer has died of cancer. Perhaps her most famous song was Love To Love You Baby, but I've always loved this Jimmy Webb classic, so what better way to remember Donna?


Cathy said...

So I have a new computer and Blogger has also updated itself, with the result that I can't get the blog post to show the text under the video or with correct paragraphs. Anyone know why and what I can do about it?

Debbie Coope said...

What a voice. I loved the Stock Aiken and Waterman hit - This time I know it's for real.

Blogger does its own thing. It's too frustrating for words.