Friday, March 12, 2010

A day off

Today started really badly. There was an argument in the street because a rather selfish driver was blocking our road, preventing son 2's special needs school bus getting to the house, and she refused to move. Then I overheated some cooking oil, almost setting the house on fire in the process.

I've decided to give myself a day off, a whole day away from the writing. I'd already got a lunch date arranged with an old friend and she will be collecting me very soon.

So I'll leave you with what I have finally realised is the theme tune to my novel:


Anne Brooke said...

So sorry the day started badly - hope it's improved by now. Hugs galore Axxx

Anonymous said...

I hope your lunch date has made up for your bad start.

CJ xx

HelenMWalters said...

Hope you enjoyed your day off. I'm now really intrigued about your novel.

Cathy said...

Thanks all, a lovely lunch and chat more than made up for the bad start.

Helen - I like to tease ;)