Friday, March 19, 2010

Living life to the full

Whether you agree or not with the legal and moral issues for which she has been fighting, Debbie Purdy is an inspiration (as is her husband Omar Puente). Whenever I read about the couple I am struck by how their positivity is enabling her to live life to the maximum for as long as she can, as this article so clearly shows.

I'm just not sure whether I'm yet ready to read her forthcoming autobiography. Maybe I'll buy a copy and put it away until I'm a little further down the line, perhaps to be pulled off the shelf if my own well of positivity starts to run dry.

For me, at the moment, it is far more important to remember the words of my GP that there are very many people living with MS who are much more mildly affected than Debbie Purdy (or Jacqueline du Pre for older readers). I'm currently lucky enough to be at that mild end, I don't have the same concerns as Debbie Purdy. I hope I never will.

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