Friday, August 08, 2008


I'm suddenly feeling rather old.

It's not just the hot flushes, which have hit me in a big way in our humid summer weather.

It's not even the fact that son 1 has officially left school...not that he was actually there for the last two years, but you know what I mean.

Nor is it the fact that all our surviving parents have suddenly become more frail, both mentally and physically, and are likely to need a lot more input from us in future, even though they live so far away.

Most worrying of all is the fact that I'm starting to think I would like to move away from the city. For someone who grew up in the middle of nowhere and worked so hard to be able to move to 'civilisation', that is a shocker. But, even though we live in statistically the safest borough in London, as the mother of teenage boys I worry. London no longer seems civilised. I want out, though that isn't possible due to Hubby's job and son 2's specialist schooling.

Three notable things:

1. Son 2 behaved beautifully when we had to take him to the doctor on Monday.

2. Only one more assignment and a final assessment to go on my course, then I can look forward to studying writing again.

3. One week of son 2's summer holiday down, three to go...


Anne Brooke said...

Lovely to hear from you again in the blogging world, Cathy - glad things have calmed down for the moment, and know what you mean about the wanting to be somewhere else thing. Nothing to do with ageing though!!

Maybe you can do more parks/trips out stuff?

Hugs to you!


Casdok said...

My son leaving school made me feel old. And i have had a few hot flushes!!

Hope the rest of your summer hols go well.

Amanda said...

Hi Cathy,

Hope you don't mind me visiting your blog. I can relate to the hot flushes! :-) I noticed from the Novel Racers blog that you are doing the advanced creative writing course in the Autumn. I'm all signed up for October. Can't wait. Hope we can compare our experiences. :-)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's the current changes that are giving you fresh ideas. A new challenge maybe?


Jan said...

It's exciting to find you desire change...
think about it/keep it under wraps for a while ( sort of simmering on the stove of your mind! ) and then see what's been cooked up...
You can have just a LITTLE taste if that's all that you need..