Tuesday, July 22, 2008


On Saturday morning, at about 8am, there was a loud knock on the front door. I staggered towards it, dressed alluringly in my pyjamas, sporting curry stains from a previous night's dinner, my hair probably something of a birds nest. I was closely followed by a half-naked Son 2.

It was the home delivery parcel man with a box of cheap books from The Book People, which needed my signature. He was quite chirpy for such an early hour, though I did idly wonder why he was so chatty.

Fast forward to Monday lunchtime, another loud knock. Home delivery parcel man again, this time with a box of DVDs son 1 had ordered from Amazon.

'Oh, you're dressed today', he says, sounding a little disappointed.

'I'm sorry, you caught me at a bad moment on Saturday', I reply.

'It wasn't bad for me', he winks.

Oh dear. I think he must have seen more than I intended. I knew I should have done up some of the buttons on that deep neckline...

Three notable things:

1. A busy day yesterday sorting out doctor's appointments, making surreal calls to the Child Benefit office who couldn't answer my question, and working in between on the bookkeeping, until my eyes went funny.

2. A friend called by today with a tray of Italian patisserie, brought home from Lake Garda as a thank you for keeping an eye on their house in their absence last week.

3. After a conversation with a Jewish friend who recently visited Auschwitz, the capture of Radovan Karadzic comes as a relief. Watching the news this morning, I was surprised to learn that he was a actually originally a psychiatrist who had recently been working in a clinic practicing alternative medicine under a false identity. Hopefully this will finally help the families of his victims move on with the rest of their lives.


Casdok said...

Whoops! Sounds like you made the postmans day!

I had fun and games with the Child Benefit too, and all i was doing was trying to cancel it!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Ooh, patisserie!

What do you mean, shallow as a puddle?

Anne Brooke said...

Goodness me! You're in there, girly!!



Jen said...

Postmen like unbuttoned jim-jams because they don't have much in the way of book-keeping to make their eyes go funny?

You are providing a postie public service, Madam, so hats off to you.


Anonymous said...

I had a delivery man just like yours and I looked very much how you described!!

CJ xx

Chris Stovell said...

Hi Cathy, thanks for your comment on the Novel Racers about OU A215 - that's exactly what I was hoping to hear because that's what I'm hoping to get out of it!